Monday of the 4th Week of Easter

Our Gospel reading describes Jesus as the shepherd of a flock. A shepherd’s role is to hold the flock together and to protect it from anything that could harm it.

The message is clear. We need Jesus in our lives. We need the power and the love of Jesus in our lives if we are to live as God asks us to live; if we are to live lives that are in accord with God’s will and if we are to live lives of faith, hope, and love. If we remove Jesus from our lives, we have no access to these wonderful gifts that God has given to us and we have no way to share them with others and thus fulfill our mission to spread the Good News to all those we meet.+

Just a reminder that St. Thomas has a daily Mass online that posts Monday through Saturday at 8 AM and our LORD’s day Masses post at 4 PM on Saturday and 8 AM on Sunday. The most recent Mass is always available to accommodate your schedule or time preference. Links to the Mass may be found by clicking any of these links:

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