Homily for Wednesday of the 13th Week in Ordinary Time

Our Gospel reading today tells us an unsettling story about two people who were possessed by demons. They were very much out of control and prevented people from going into their area. They were more dead than alive, as is indicated by their living among the tombs. They were the absolute outsiders. Yet, Jesus engaged with them, and, as a result of their encounter, they were healed and their relationship with their community was restored. Having just calmed a storm at sea, Jesus calmed the storm in the minds and spirits of the two people who were possessed.

Hopefully, we may never be as troubled as the two people we just heard about, but we can all find ourselves out of sorts from time to time; out of sorts with ourselves and with others, feeling only half alive within ourselves, tossed and thrown about. It is then that we need to come before the LORD as did the people in the Gospel.

Their initial approach to the LORD was quite aggressive; it was full of anger, “What have you to do with us, Son of God?” Perhaps, when we are distressed, that can also be our starting point when we come before the LORD in prayer. Yet, He is never put off by our disturbance within. If we let Him, He will pour His peace into our hearts; He will calm us as He calmed the storm.+

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