Homily for Tuesday of the 12th Week in Ordinary Time

The images of the narrow gate and the hard road that we hear about in our Gospel passage this morning suggest that discipleship can be a challenging path for us to follow. While one can stroll through a wide gate without a second thought, getting through a narrow gate requires concentration and focus. It takes commitment to get through such a narrow gap. Being a faithful follower of Jesus requires all of our goodwill. 

The word “narrow” is generally negative; we like to think of ourselves as broad-minded. No one wants to be considered narrowminded. But the Gospel calls for a certain narrowing of our focus in following Christ, excluding some pathways that are easy and well-trodden. Saying, “Yes,” to Christ’s way requires saying, “No,” to selfish ways. But any narrowing down and self-denial in the following of Jesus ultimately lead to a full sharing of God’s life.+

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