Homily for Thursday of the 7th Week of Easter

“As the Father has loved me, so I have loved you. Remain in my love.” In today’s Gospel passage Jesus implores His disciples of every generation to be united with God and with one another. Just as the Father’s love for Jesus is unwavering, so Jesus’ love for us is unwavering. What is asked of us is to remain in his love.

Even those who were fortunate to be with Him at the Last Supper failed in remaining in communion with him through His passion and death. With the exception of the “Beloved Disciple,” all of them abandoned Him. It is no small detail then, that the first question that the Risen Jesus asked Peter was, “Do you love me?” giving Peter the opportunity to return to Jesus’ love, coming back into communion with Him.

Let us pray that our communion with the LORD may be strong and constant in every moment of our lives.+

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