Homily for Saturday of the 6th Week of Easter (Deacon Matt)

The Gospel this morning from St. John is an example of Jesus preparing his disciples for when he is no longer with them; when  He will ascend into heaven and will send the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, to be with them and to guide them in their work of evangelizing and establishing the Church. Jesus is preparing them for a time of change, a new beginning. What they knew and were comfortable with will be different.  Jesus will no longer be with them in human flesh but rather will send the Holy Spirit, to be with them always. Their world is seemingly being turned upside down again, just as it was after Jesus’ death on the Cross.

However, Jesus reassures his disciples that just as they have come to know him through the Father, they will know the Father through knowing him. Jesus is clearly revealing the relationship between him and the Father as the disciples prepare to receive the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. For us, and for the disciples, we see and learn from Jesus about the relationship between him and the Father and then we come to understand the relationship between both of them and the Holy Spirit. This relationship reveals to us the great mystery of our God: The Trinity.

Much like the disciples our world also seems to be rather upside down right now with changes in everything we do, how we live, and how we worship God. This is our new reality. We are in a time of waiting, unsure of what the future holds. However, as we prepare for Pentecost and as we begin to worship together, in person, as the Body of Christ, we are reassured by Jesus’ words that we are loved by God and that we are not alone. God gave us his Son Jesus to save us and the Holy Spirit to be with us in the days, weeks, and months to come, as we establish His Church anew here on earth, just as the disciples did.+

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