Homily for Saturday of the 5th Week of Easter

Jesus predicted many things, among them, was the fact of the world’s hatred for Him and His followers. All four Gospels show that Jesus was realistic about the hostility that would be directed at Him and His followers. However, Jesus told His followers to relate to the world, not as the world related to them but as God relates to the world.

Jesus said, “No slave is greater than his master.” He meant this in a number of ways. In today’s Gospel, He indicated that if the world was hostile to the Master, the servants should expect the same. It also meant that if the Master washed the feet of the servants, they should expect to do the same for others.

That statement of Jesus, “No slave is greater than his master” gives us much to consider. It also underscores our dependence on the Holy Spirit, if we are to be like the Master in every way.+

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