Homily for Monday of the 3rd Week of Easter

In today’s gospel passage, Jesus makes a distinction between bread that quickly grows stale and the bread, the food, that lasts into eternal life. He had fed the people with bread and fish since physical hunger had to be satisfied, but as they continued looking for more food to eat, He invited them to think of spiritual food that would satisfy their deeper desires. He came not just to feed people physically, but to give them the spiritually nourishing food of God’s own presence.

He reminds us that, while we do need material things because we are material beings, our searching must go deeper; there is more to life than satisfying our physical needs. We have a deeper, spiritual hunger that must be satisfied if we are to live our lives fully and be at peace with ourselves and with others.

Jesus Himself is the one who offers us the food of eternal life. He can satisfy the deepest hunger of our hearts. Our seeking must ultimately be directed towards God because, as St. Augustine said, “Our hearts cannot rest until they rest in God.”+

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