Homily for Friday of the 4th Week of Easter

At the Last Supper, Jesus tells the Apostles that while He is leaving them, He is returning to the Father from whom He came. He promises them that He will return one day to take them (and us) with Him into His Father’s house; that is our destiny. Jesus came among us to show us the way to the Father; that is His whole mission.

The many rooms in His Father’s house are symbolic of universal hospitality. The kingdom of Heaven is not a place for a select few; it is a place of welcome and peace for the many. All people are called to follow Jesus because He is the Way to the Father for all who follow Him. He promised that, when raised up from the earth, He would draw all people to himself.

So, let us pray that we will follow Jesus as the way from this life to the life of Heaven and trust that, if we do this, we will live with Him in His Father’s house.+

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