Homily for October 14, 2019

Jesus often seemed frustrated with people who sought signs and were unwilling to put their faith in the power given to Him by His Father in heaven. He knew that, in reality, there was no sign that would give them faith; that they would simply find themselves entertained by the “magic” of the sign and then move onto something else. They would completely miss the power and the authority behind such a sign. 

Jesus points to the sign and the preaching of Jonah (a “mere” prophet) and how he was able to lead the Ninevites to repentance, and yet, they had one among them who was far greater than Jonah and they couldn’t see Him for who He was, or understand what He was about. He was just too ordinary for them.

Let us pray that the Holy Spirit will help us to recognize when the power and presence of Jesus is active in the ordinary moments of our everyday lives; may  that recognition lead us to a greater faith in the love, mercy, and active presence of God in our midst. +

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